Mental Health Billing Services - Receptionist on Computer

Customized billing to patients. 

We have a simple, straightforward Patient Information Form for each patient.  Patients will receive regular statements as needed.

How it works.

We bill the insurance company

Insurance claims are filed electronically ensuring faster payment.  We bill the insurance companies monthly, or more frequently depending on your needs.

  • Electronic claims are generally paid faster (usually with in 7-14 days as opposed to 30-45 days).
  • With electronic billing there is immediate notification of errors or missing information, thus reducing turn around time for payment.
  • Most insurance companies prefer or require electronic billing.
  • Electronic Remittances from insurance are directly received by Billshrinkers and available for you or your staff to view online.
  • Insurance payments are sent directly to you.  We do not handle your money.

Timely, persistent follow-up of unpaid or improperly processed insurance claims to make sure you get paid.

Accurate bookkeeping on each patient’s account

Billshrinkers organizes your practice and enter your patients’ information into our system for future billing — everything is confidential.  We bill patients monthly, weekly, per session, or as needed.

Session tracking for managed care authorizations.  We will keep track of authorized and unused sessions as an adjunct to your in-house tracking system in order to reduce or eliminate the likelihood that you will not have the proper authorization in place.  We will notify you in advance when the time is approaching to prepare an OTR and will assist you in doing so if necessary.

Pre-existing unpaid claims.  Billshrinkers assesses each case for outstanding balances and will pursue and make sure you collect these, if possible.

Customized reports

Annual, quarterly and/or monthly customized income, aging, and customized practice management reports provided as needed or requested.

More features

  • Full and secure access to your account.
  • Live support each and every business day Monday through Friday.
  • HIPAA compliant.
  • Free practice building consultation to our customers.  We review your existing fee structure and offer practice building strategies and other suggestions about how to increase and maximize your income.
  • We get to know YOU!  We learn about your particular practice and customize our services to meet your needs.
  • We serve all 50 States!