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Technology Based Mental Health Billing Service FAQ’s

What billing system do you use?2023-02-05T17:15:29-05:00

Raintree Systems, Inc.

Insurers/Medicare is forcing me to accept electronic claim submission, deposits, & remittances. Can you do that?2023-02-05T17:15:14-05:00

Yes. We can electronically post your 835 remittance files, and in most cases, it is preferable because that leads to faster turnaround of payment.  We are able to give you simple and easy access into our clearinghouse’s website to view your electronic remits so you can see what you are getting paid for.

Are you HIPAA compliant?2024-07-02T14:20:31-04:00

Of course. We are considered a “business associate” and when you sign up for the service, we will sign a Business Associate Agreement to add to your HIPAA compliance plan.

Do I have to buy expensive software?2023-02-05T17:14:45-05:00

We are a service.  There is no software you have to buy or install.

Technology is not my strong point! Do I have to know a lot about computers?2023-02-05T17:13:59-05:00

No! All you need to know is how to fax or email.

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