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Whether your need is psychiatric billing, psychological billing, social work billing, or any other behavioral and mental health billing, we do it all, and WE GET RESULTS!

We get to know YOU!  We learn about your particular practice and customize our services to meet your needs.

We serve all 50 States!

  • Insurance benefit checking

  • Data entry of services and payments

  • Electronic insurance claims submission

  • Electronic remittance advice

  • Electronic Remittances viewed online

  • Insurance payments are sent directly to you

  • Customized billing to patients

  • Accurate bookkeeping of accounts

  • Customized reports as needed

  • Timely, persistent follow-up

  • Authorization support

  • Full and secure access to your account

  • Fully HIPAA compliant

  • Free practice building consultation

How Our Billing Works

What You Do

What Billshrinkers Does

"First Patient Call" graphic.

Complete Insurance Benefit Inquiry Form if signed up for this service.

"Send Insurance Benefit Inquiry to Billshrinkers" graphic.
  • Checks benefits

  • Obtains initial authorization

  • Submits Insurance Benefit Inquiry Form back to provider

"First Patient Visit" graphic.

Patient completes & signs Patient Information Form.


  • Makes copy of insurance card
  • Completes Daily Schedule (includes sessions & payments from patients)
"Send patient information, insurance card and daily schedule to Billshrinkers"graphic.
  • Enters patient information

  • Enters provider’s activity

  • Enters patient payments

  • Submits insurance claims

  • Receives electronic remittance

  • Sends patient bills as needed

"Insurance Pays Provider" graphic.

Provider submits ALL pages of ALL Explanations Of Benefits received with insurance payments, including denials to Billshrinkers

Provider submits subsequent Daily Schedules to Billshrinkers

Send EOB's & Daily Schedule to Billshrinkers Graphic.
  • Enters payments

  • Reviews EOBs for accuracy

  • Contacts insurance companies for follow-up

  • Re-submits claims if necessary

You can transmit your information to Billshrinkers in any way that works for you!

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“Billshrinkers has given me back my weekends. I used to spend at least 8 to 10 hours per month on billing. Now I spend almost no time at all. Billshrinkers does a great job.”

Carole Rothstein, L.C.S.W. – Teaneck, New Jersey

“Billshrinkers rules! I have used two other services, and they could not hold a candle to Billshrinkers. The folks there are competent, responsive, and straightforward.”

Neil Henry, Baldwin, New York