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Man throwing mental health billing paperwork in the air.Billshrinkers, Inc. is a government certified, nationwide billing service exclusively for mental health professionals run by a psychotherapist who understands the demands of seeing large numbers of patients, while at the same time having to manage accounts, track managed care, bill insurance companies, and provide patients with accurate, timely statements.  Our staff of account managers fully understands your needs and has the skill and experience to collect from insurance companies —  WE GET RESULTS!  Never again will you wait on hold incessantly with insurance companies only to be disconnected!

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Mental Health Billing FAQ’s

Are you a collection agency? Will you work with collection agencies?2023-02-05T17:22:25-05:00

No, we are not a licensed collection agency.  We cannot report delinquent debt to credit reporting agencies, nor do we ever contact patients by phone or email about past due balances. However, we can refer delinquent accounts to a collection agency.

Can you handle past-due accounts and outstanding claims I currently have?2023-02-05T17:22:12-05:00

Yes. However, the fee for handling outstanding patient accounts or claims from dates of service prior to your start date may be separate and distinct from the regular billing package, depending on whether they have been previously submitted and denied.

I would like to increase the profitability of my practice, can you help me with that?2023-02-05T17:21:59-05:00

We offer free practice building consultation to our customers. We review your existing fee structure and offer practice building strategies and other suggestions about how to increase your income.

I practice in nursing homes rather than an office, can you bill for me?2023-02-05T17:21:43-05:00

Yes.  We successfully service many such practices.

Can you bill Workers Compensation?2023-02-05T17:21:30-05:00


Can you bill for employee-assistance (EAP) visits?2023-02-05T17:21:15-05:00

We routinely bill for EAP visits.  We understand the inherent challenges in employee-assistance billing: it’s not standardized, the codes vary widely, and frequently you can’t use a HCFA/CMS-1500 form. We take care of everything except for reporting clinical information!

Can you bill if I am a MD?2023-02-05T17:20:58-05:00

Absolutely.  Please see our services by specialty pages.

Can you bill for psych or neuropsych testing?2023-02-05T17:20:42-05:00

Yes.  Please see our services by specialty pages.

What billing system do you use?2023-02-05T17:15:29-05:00

Raintree Systems, Inc.

Insurers/Medicare is forcing me to accept electronic claim submission, deposits, & remittances. Can you do that?2023-02-05T17:15:14-05:00

Yes. We can electronically post your 835 remittance files, and in most cases, it is preferable because that leads to faster turnaround of payment.  We are able to give you simple and easy access into our clearinghouse’s website to view your electronic remits so you can see what you are getting paid for.

Are you HIPAA compliant?2024-07-02T14:20:31-04:00

Of course. We are considered a “business associate” and when you sign up for the service, we will sign a Business Associate Agreement to add to your HIPAA compliance plan.

Do I have to buy expensive software?2023-02-05T17:14:45-05:00

We are a service.  There is no software you have to buy or install.

Technology is not my strong point! Do I have to know a lot about computers?2023-02-05T17:13:59-05:00

No! All you need to know is how to fax or email.

Will I have someone personally overseeing my billing?2023-02-05T17:13:40-05:00

You will be assigned to a dedicated Account Manager who will personally oversee the day-to-day operations of your practice and get to know your specific needs.

I am not able to keep track of which claims aren’t paid, and then I lose money because things aren’t submitted “Timely.” Will I have to keep track of which claims are paid, or do you do that?2023-02-05T17:13:26-05:00

This is what we are here for!  Every month we generate an internal “Aging Report”  to do follow up on unpaid claims at that time.  Since our claims are filed electronically through our clearinghouse, we receive any rejections on a timely and regular basis.

Do I retain control over my money?2023-02-05T17:13:11-05:00

Absolutely. We never receive your checks. Patient and insurance checks are payable to you and received at your address.

What are your hours? Will I be able to reach you when I need to?2023-02-05T17:12:56-05:00

Typically someone is in the office from 9 am eastern time to 5 pm eastern time, Monday through Friday. Our fax machine is on to receive faxes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are also always accessible by e-mail.

Are you able to check benefits ahead of time so that I know how much to charge my patient when s/he comes in for the first time?2024-03-06T12:40:11-05:00

Checking benefits is one of the many services we offer.

Can my patients call you directly if they have questions about their insurance?2023-02-05T17:12:24-05:00

On all our patient statements our toll-free number is listed.  Patients can call with billing questions if needed.

Do you keep track of authorizations?2023-02-05T17:12:08-05:00

We recommend in-house authorization tracking and will provide additional support through our system.

Can you do patient statements?2023-02-05T17:11:52-05:00

Sending patient statements is included as part of our services at no extra cost.

I don’t participate with insurance or managed care companies but patients want me to submit claims. Can you do that for me?2023-02-05T17:11:37-05:00

We can service you regardless of your network status with insurance companies.

Do you specialize in mental health?2024-03-06T12:41:12-05:00

Yes.  Billshrinkers, Inc. is owned and operated by Philip Yucht, Ph.D.  We specialize in mental health billing exclusively.

How much does it cost?2023-02-05T17:11:04-05:00

Please call us to discuss your particular needs.

How does it work?2023-02-05T17:10:40-05:00

It’s simple.  You send us forward a benefit inquiry to us and we check and verify benefits.  You complete a daily activity form and transmit that to us, we enter your activity into our practice management system, or, alternatively you can access our system directly and enter your work from your computer.  We then submit your claims.  You receive payment.  We receive most of your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) electronically. We take care of the rest!  Find out more about how it works!

I’m not located in New Jersey, can you still do my billing?2023-02-05T17:10:16-05:00

Absolutely! We are a nationwide billing service.

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