Special Concerns

Special Concerns2023-02-05T17:45:13-05:00
I practice in nursing homes rather than an office, can you bill for me?2023-02-05T17:21:43-05:00

Yes.  We successfully service many such practices.

Can you bill Workers Compensation?2023-02-05T17:21:30-05:00


Can you bill for employee-assistance (EAP) visits?2023-02-05T17:21:15-05:00

We routinely bill for EAP visits.  We understand the inherent challenges in employee-assistance billing: it’s not standardized, the codes vary widely, and frequently you can’t use a HCFA/CMS-1500 form. We take care of everything except for reporting clinical information!

Can you bill if I am a MD?2023-02-05T17:20:58-05:00

Absolutely.  Please see our services by specialty pages.

Can you bill for psych or neuropsych testing?2023-02-05T17:20:42-05:00

Yes.  Please see our services by specialty pages.

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