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What You Do

What Billshrinkers Does

Complete Insurance Benefit Inquiry Form if signed up for this service.

  • Checks benefits

  • Obtains initial authorization

  • Submits Insurance Benefit Inquiry Form back to provider

Patient completes & signs Patient Information Form.


  • Makes copy of insurance card
  • Completes Daily Schedule (includes sessions & payments from patients)
  • Enters patient information

  • Enters provider’s activity

  • Enters patient payments

  • Submits insurance claims

  • Receives electronic remittance

  • Sends patient bills as needed

Provider submits ALL pages of ALL Explanations Of Benefits received with insurance payments, including denials to Billshrinkers

Provider submits subsequent Daily Schedules to Billshrinkers

  • Enters payments

  • Reviews EOBs for accuracy

  • Contacts insurance companies for follow-up

  • Re-submits claims if necessary

You can transmit your information to Billshrinkers in any way that works for you!