“I am truly grateful for the ongoing help with my billing. I can’t emphasize enough how Billshrinkers has enabled me to focus more on clinical matters and to not worry about navigating the complex and oftentimes frustrating insurance industry. Billshrinkers has enabled me to build and to strengthen my practice. The staff is extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and invested in the success of my practice. They go the extra mile and my practice has flourished. I am particularly pleased with the settlement of complex insurance claims and the recovery of potentially lost revenue. I highly recommend this company!”

T. Marc Pabon, PhD – Forest Hills, New York


“For 15 years Billshrinkers has reliably handled my billing. My receivables have been almost 100% of what was billed, and all at a fraction of the cost of having an in house billing employee. I’m being paid more rapidly and my income has increased. Their staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and always available. Beyond billing, Phil and the staff are enormously helpful in other areas; regulations, and the various complexities of running a practice. I would recommend Billshrinkers to any mental health practice! FIVE STARS.”

Mark Vogel, PhD – Norwich, New York


“Billshrinkers has served me well for many years. The staff are consistently reliable, responsive, thoughtful, and conscientious. Such is the integrity of their services. In addition, they offer timely information regarding new billing issues and developments in the healthcare field and resources to refer to in getting help to clarify. I always recommend them highly to colleagues seeking billing services.”

Judith Robinson PMHCNS-BC; LCPC – Evanston, Illinois


“We are so very pleased with Billshrinkers’ service. The staff are knowledgeable, efficient, and professional. We are especially appreciative of the turn-around time with the benefit checks–as they are sometimes needed very quickly. Furthermore, when it is necessary to interface with an insurance company, we find them to be extremely proactive in obtaining the information that’s needed.”

Elizabeth Etsey, CEO
Life Management Group, Inc. – Martinez, Georgia


“Professional, precise, and personal.  Those qualities are a few hallmarks of Billshrinkers, Inc. They impress with their attention to detail, fast turn-around time, and impeccable service to enable me to better serve my community, patients, and business partnerships. Over the years, the company has helped lay the foundations to build a more robust, thriving client-centered healthcare practice—integral to greater success.  They are an honest and reliable business that makes my job easier, so I can sleep easy every night.  The team at Billshrinkers, Inc. is an incalculable asset.”

Juan Moriel, PsyD, LMFT, LPCC – Pasadena, California


“I’m always pleased with the efficiency and timeliness of the staff at Billshrinkers.  My questions get answered quickly and my billing services are handled professionally.”

Bruce Punches, MA, LPC – Grand Rapids, Michigan


“Billshrinkers has effectively managed insurance billing for our practice since 2006, allowing us to focus on client care, marketing, and financial management. We depend on Billshrinkers to help us work through the many details and problems that commonly occur with healthcare billing.”

Candice Cook, EdD, LMFT, LPC – Virginia Beach, Virginia


BillShrinkers is great! They offer their services to LCSW’s which is difficult to find, especially for a small private practice like mine! They are always available by phone and are caring!

Mollie Isaacson, LCSW – Pike Road, Alabama


“I’ve been with Billshrinkers for more than 10 years and their service is truly outstanding. I have ALWAYS been able to get in direct contact with my case manager and get any billing issues resolved quickly. She is knowledgeable and extremely efficient in resolving any billing issues. Their rates are quite reasonable. I am very glad to do business with Billshrinkers and would recommend them to anyone in need of such services.”

Alan Filippi, PhD – Bergenfield, New Jersey


“I have been extremely pleased with the thoroughness and efficient professionalism of Phil Yucht and Billshrinkers for over a decade now! The impressive follow-through on denied claims is particularly noteworthy.  They don’t stop until claims are appropriately investigated, processed correctly, and finally paid! Billshrinkers is truly remarkable, reliable, and consistently satisfying.  It is a stellar operation!”

John T. Sloma, LCSW – Middletown, New York


“Billshrinkers rules! I have used two other services, and they could not hold a candle to Billshrinkers. The folks there are competent, responsive, and straightforward.”

Neil Henry – Baldwin, New York


“Billshrinkers collected over $20,000 in old, unpaid claims for our practice, money we had written off as non-collectable. Billshrinkers has continued to successfully serve all of our billing needs for the past 20 years and has been a Godsend for us, providing comprehensive and cost-effective billing services; all resulting in rapid patient and insurance payments”

Psychotherapy Associates of Westchester – New Rochelle, New York


“I have had numerous billing companies over the years and from one thing to the next…from changing account managers, to costs, to not really knowing how to meet my needs as an Individual therapist, and Medicare. Billshrinkers has been a blessing on every level!! I can not sing their praises enough!! Excellent company!!”

Susan Mohr, LCSW
Mohr Adult Psychological Services – Asbury Park, New Jersey


“Billshrinkers has been a life saver for me in terms of both time and energy. I used to spend at least 8 to 10 hours per month on billing. Now I spend almost no time at all. Billshrinkers has always done a great job. They have an extremely competent staff and have worked diligently with insurance companies to retrieve maximum reimbursement for both me and my clients. I could not run my practice without them. I have used them for 20 years and recommend them without reservation!”

Carole Rothstein, LCSW – Teaneck, New Jersey


“I want to thank Billshrinkers for the great job you are doing for us and for me in particular. You have made my job so much more manageable and enabled me to service many more clients. My entire practice has expanded since Billshrinkers has been doing my billing. No longer do I spend hours on the phone with insurance companies. Now I can focus on my clients needs. Wish I had done this sooner.”

Pat DeCoste, LPC
Vernon Counseling Services – Vernon, New Jersey


“After doing our own billing for decades, we are pleased to have Billshrinkers doing it!!!!!”

Joseph Roman, PhD – Warwick, New York


“I have been using Billshrinkers for my private practice billing for almost 2 years. The staff is very reliable and helpful. I know the claims are submitted consistently and in a timely manner. Without their service my practice would not run smoothly. Thank you!!”

Denise Trainer, LCSW – New York, New York