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Other Services2023-02-05T17:44:49-05:00
Are you a collection agency? Will you work with collection agencies?2023-02-05T17:22:25-05:00

No, we are not a licensed collection agency.  We cannot report delinquent debt to credit reporting agencies, nor do we ever contact patients by phone or email about past due balances. However, we can refer delinquent accounts to a collection agency.

Can you handle past-due accounts and outstanding claims I currently have?2023-02-05T17:22:12-05:00

Yes. However, the fee for handling outstanding patient accounts or claims from dates of service prior to your start date may be separate and distinct from the regular billing package, depending on whether they have been previously submitted and denied.

I would like to increase the profitability of my practice, can you help me with that?2023-02-05T17:21:59-05:00

We offer free practice building consultation to our customers. We review your existing fee structure and offer practice building strategies and other suggestions about how to increase your income.

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